Gavin had planned on kissing Michael for awhile. He thought about it on their first date, came painfully close to it on their second, and here he was on their third with sweaty palms and a sick feeling in his stomach.

Right now he was sitting next to Michael Jones his co-worker and possibly boyfriend, at a baseball game. To be quite honest Gavin didn’t even know how baseball worked but he was offered tickets and Michael seemed to like it enough so he asked him out on their third date. Michael was currently trying to explain the rules of baseball as best as he could, but Gavin was more focused on the kiss cam that had just landed on them.

The big screen was displaying mid sentence Michael, and wide eyed Gavin for everyone to see and that’s when Michael finally noticed that everyone was staring at them and a small, almost undetectable smirk was fixed on his lips.
For a second it was just silence between the two of them, and a hush seemed to have fallen over the rest of the audience as well. Everyone was waiting in anticipation to see what the boys would do. Without giving it a second more of thought Gavin turned to Michael, closed his eyes, and leaned in hoping he’d meet Michael’s lips. By some miracle of god, he did and Michael kissed back.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, this was his first time actually kissing a boy, which made it that much more nerve wracking. Sure, he’d slept with tons of women but Michael was the first guy he’d actually liked, and everything was new. He was worried he was going to somehow fuck it up, and scare Michael away.

Soon, all of this didn’t matter because Michael gingerly kissed back, letting his hand rest on Gavin’s knee. For a moment, for those few seconds Gavin couldn’t even remember his own name. He realized rather quickly that he never wanted to stop kissing Michael Jones.